Canada Calling


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I’m off to the great land of snow;
Of Barenaked Ladies – Trudeau.
Of Mounties, ice-hockey;
Of peaks high and rocky,
Where moose bellow, and blizzards blow.

Where people freeze most of the year,
But are, so they say, of good cheer.
Where beavers are hairy
And grizzly bears scary.
(It’s mainly the beavers I fear.)

I’ll fit in quite well – so I’m told.
It’s much like Australia but cold.
The folk are no fatter;
Our mountains are flatter;
They’ve more maple syrup – less gold.

Yes, Canada’s calling to me,
Like that old Nelson Eddy movie.
It’s a love song I’m hearing;
Soon I will be peering
At Canada’s fine scenery.

{back in a few weeks}

War of the Words


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Trump grabs his gun and loads a telling tweet;
Takes careful aim and fires – another hit!
The media return fire – then retreat,
Regroup – once shining armour scorched and split;
It could not hold before Trump’s cutting wit.
They count their wounded – warning sirens sound!
Incoming tweet! – will Donald ever quit?
He’s got the scent – an Internet bloodhound
Who’ll keep on tweeting till they’re run to ground.
But they are not yet beaten – they’ll resist;
With fake news his positions they will pound.
They’re wounded so they’re dangerous – they’re pissed!
Their words are more explosive every day;
And they won’t let the truth get in their way.