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How many readers actually honestly like the poetry that they read
these days? Are some influenced by fashion? Without the “accepted” view
by the poetry establishment that free verse post modern poetry is good
would people really think it was? let’s be honest – I doubt it.

I know it’s true but rather sad;
A child can tell the good from bad,
So try that juvenile insight;
Forget what’s learned, just know what’s right

Of measures taken as a rule
To give a score to poetry,
From dullest stone to polished jewel
Perhaps the best is honesty.

Not to by line and word dissect
And by mere structure find defect,
Or judge by other’s thoughts alone
(Opinions hardly set in stone).

By fashion praise or denigrate;
By biased preconceptions rate,
But cultivate an open mind
While parrying the closed, the blind.

Let each intrinsic sense apply;
Distill the truth by mind and eye,
And find in varying degree
The honest worth of poetry.

© Dennis N. O’Brien, 2012