A Warmer Canada would be Cool


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Oh Canada, you’ve so much cold to spare!
Your winters last so long, with snow and ice.
Could it be possible to warm the air?
A few degrees – that surely would suffice.
Would not some warmer winter winds be nice?
The summers longer, and the winters short?
A milder climate – would it not entice
More visitors? You’d still have winter sport;
It wouldn’t suffer – ships, to every port
Would still bring tourists bound for the snow-slopes.
So wouldn’t warming measures have support?
Here’s an Aussie suggestion – don’t be dopes;
Burn coal and gas at an increasing pace
And make cold Canada a warmer place.

Global warming to benefit Canada

Canada Calling


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I’m off to the great land of snow;
Of Barenaked Ladies – Trudeau.
Of Mounties, ice-hockey;
Of peaks high and rocky,
Where moose bellow, and blizzards blow.

Where people freeze most of the year,
But are, so they say, of good cheer.
Where beavers are hairy
And grizzly bears scary.
(It’s mainly the beavers I fear.)

I’ll fit in quite well – so I’m told.
It’s much like Australia but cold.
The folk are no fatter;
Our mountains are flatter;
They’ve more maple syrup – less gold.

Yes, Canada’s calling to me,
Like that old Nelson Eddy movie.
It’s a love song I’m hearing;
Soon I will be peering
At Canada’s fine scenery.

{back in a few weeks}