Bitcoin Blues


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Stop worrying, and trust me honey.
The forecast is fair winds and sunny.
The market is booming.
No crypto crash looming.
We’re rolling in virtual money.

Bitcoin crashing


Grapes of Wrath


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They sat on their hands for an hour.
They care not for country – just power.
Frustration is growing;
On faces it’s showing;
The grapes are exceedingly sour.



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Augustus Caesar made the Empire great;
His rule was firm but not imperious.
For his successor Rome would have to wait,
But when he died, his stepson, old Tiberius,

Stepped up and for a while was somewhat fair –
Until Sejanus got the Emperor’s ear.
Soon he was smothered by his awful heir –
Caligula – a man all Rome would fear.

But when with stab-wounds he was duly riddled,
Poor Claudius tried hard to put things right.
As Rome was burning Emperor Nero fiddled;
The legions now were spoiling for a fight.

So Galba’s rise, it put an end to Nero,
As Nero with some help fell on his sword.
Then Galba fell to Otho – Rome’s new hero,
And Otho for a short time Rome adored;

Until Vitellius was crowned as Caesar;
Vitellius turned out to be bad news.
Next to be crowned was the Judea seizer;
Rose to the throne the conqueror of the Jews.

The Empire had endured the worst of men –
Vespasian would make Rome great again.

Grilled (by) Lobsters


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I had a nightmare about mobsters.
They had whiskers and claws – they were lobsters.
I was tied to a chair, and their pincers,
They pinched, and they laughed at my winces.
And they said in their strange lobster voices:
“Be a man – you have plenty of choices.
Don’t be weak – this is pretty mild torture.
Just remember what Peterson taught ya:
Life is hard, but be brave as you suffer;
You’ll emerge quite considerably tougher.”

I awoke in my bed safe and sound,
And no lobsters were there to be found.
It was like I’d escaped from the tomb.
I proceeded to clean up my room.

Clean up your room!

Let me count the ways


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I like Trump for the way he blurts things out –
Things that he’s thinking. What he’s thought about
For quite some time and really thinks is true;
I like the way he uses satire too.
I like his clear distain for beta males.
I like his tweets – his wins, and too his fails.
I like him for his forthrightness and wit.
I like the way he takes from fools no shit.
I like his clear love for the U.S.A.,
And all the things that he’s not scared to say.
But mainly what I like about the guy
Is how he doesn’t quite know how to lie.

[After reading How He Is at Flammeus Gladius]