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Impersonating an Egyptian

“Impersonating an Egyptian is
The charge m’lord — a capital offence.
You’ll notice he has darkened up his phiz,
Wears earrings, gypsy clothes — it’s all pretence.
Found in his pocket was a bright sixpence
For which he can’t account — stolen I’d say.
It’s rumoured that he steals — makes perfect sense.
When he’s accused of this he answers: ‘Nay!’
(He clearly thinks confessing doesn’t pay).
He’s fake! It seems a tinker is his trade.
He looks Egyptian in most every way.
He travels in a caravan — he’s paid
For fixing pots and pans……could I be wrong….?”
“Of course not!” cries the judge, “Your case is strong!”

— D.N. O’Brien

{Impersonating an Egyptian (gypsy) could get you hanged in old England}