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Domino Theory

The “Domino Theory”? — Man, that’s so old hat!
We Chinese know many ways to skin a cat.
No need to send armies — make deals! — we can buy
Left wing politicians in blink of an eye!
In Aussie, a target, we have Labor guys
On payroll — have also an army of spies!
We lease port of Darwin — these Aussies so dumb!
We gain naval access for miserly sum.
Take over Australia? It not very hard.
If they try to stop us we play racist card!
We’ll liberate shortly the folk in Hong Kong;
To Mao they’ll be bowing before very long!
And in South East Asia no need to wage war;
Our sneaky takeover those bozos ignore.
For we have a plan that we call “Belt and Road”.
(Means world domination in our secret code).
Yes “Domino Theory” is rubbish you dunce!
Now dominoes, they all fall over at once!

— D.N. O’Brien