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Bankers for Wankers

So paedophiles are buying porn, it seems,
From overseas, and paying through the banks.
So banks are now assembling their teams
To thwart the paedophiles — they’ll get no thanks.
The journalists and all the other wanks
Are busy stirring shit — they’ve not a clue
How any of this works — banks’ share price tanks,
While bankers are up to their necks in poo.
They hole-up in their broken banks and stew.
Meanwhile bank shareholders look on dismayed —
What in the world are they supposed to do?
They know the dividends that they’ll be paid
Will dive, and not a soul will give a shit.
They pray that boards, en masse, will up and quit.

— D.N. O’Brien

Westpac Paedophile Scandal