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All is fluid – no solidity.
All’s subjective and relative see.
There’s no truth and no lies —
All can be otherwise.
Some examples — see if you agree:

Moon Fluidity

That is not the moon – it is a ball,
An illusion – it’s not there at all.
It’s a suspended fruit.
It is not absolute.
It’s an egg balanced on a black wall.

Planet Fluidity

Earth, Venus, the blue planet Mars;
All are relative as are the stars.
Whether rocky or gas
They’re no fixed form or mass —
Same applies to those blinking pulsars.

Sun Fluidity

The Sun is a nuclear fire?
Of your absolutism I tire.
It’s not fixed — it can be
What you want — can’t you see? –
It may be logic’s funeral pyre.

Universe Fluidity

Anything you may think it to be
Is the universe — now let us see:
An expanding balloon,
A celestial tune
For a bass, played with due gravity.

— D.N. O’Brien