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Cathedral Conflagration Clues


Within a day we know what was the cause
Of this disaster โ€” what efficiency!
Unscathed by revolution and world wars;
But now an accident, and all agree
It was, and yet it seems quite strange to me
That this could happen โ€” were there not strict rules,
And drills, extinguishers? I just canโ€™t see,
Despite this being France, how could some fools,
Some workers start a fire (or two?). It fuels
The arson theory to exclude it โ€” to
Lay blame on renovators or their tools
Without investigation. Facts are few,
Misinformation plentiful โ€” was it
By spark, a rag that smouldered, or match lit?


Although they say it was an accident.
Why did the fire breakout at Easter time?
Could it have been, in fact, an arson crime?
Why did a vacillating government,
With obscene haste declare that this event,
This tragedy, loss of a jewel sublime,
A symbol of the Christian Paradigm,
Was accidental โ€” no evil intent
Was found. (When nothingโ€™s looked for nothingโ€™s found).
They had not searched amongst the cooling ash.
Forensic tests? โ€” no, they had not been done.
The charred remains still cloaked the sacred ground,
And that was for the better โ€” no backlash
Is likely…….. if there is no smoking gun.

โ€” D.N. Oโ€™Brien