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For just 8 minutes Bill charges his car.
But then he wonders: “Why not it go far?”

And in other news……..

Charging Stations & Motels R Us

The CEO of Charging Stations & Motels R Us, Phil Erup, has announced a plan to build a chain of electric car charging stations complete with integrated motels for hundreds of guests. Thousands of these facilities will be built across the nation in the coming years as we all switch from petrol and diesel powered cars and trucks to electric vehicles.

To quote Mr Erup: “Although my personal hero and next Prime Minister Bill Shorten made a slight boo boo in saying that it only takes 8 minutes to charge an electric car, he was only out by a factor of 60 or so — it actually takes 8 to 10 hours. We envisage swarms of cars converging on our stations at the end of a long day’s driving (well, 500 kms max), and with nearly flat batteries. It will be a simple matter for the drivers to plug their cars in and retire with their passengers (if any) to their motel rooms for the night while their electric vehicles get fresh tank-fulls of electrons pumped into them.”
Mr Erup used an example of driving from Brisbane to Melbourne — “It would only take 4 to 5 days driving with 4 to 5 charges and motel stays.”

When questioned about the fact that with a petroleum powered car and 2 drivers the trip can be done in 24 hours or so, Mr Erup answered: “ Exactly! We all need to slow down a bit — modern life is killing us!”

Environmentalists, worried sick about the world ending in 12 years, have fully endorsed Mr Erup’s plan. A spokeswoman for United Fanatics to Save Gaia from CO2 Suffocation, Nightingale Sapphire Morningstar, stated: “We’d rather there were no cars (and no people), but if there have to be some for the time being then clearly they must be electric — with measures like this the Earth may even last 13 years or so.”

Work on the Charging Stations / Motels is expected to start as soon as the Labor/Greens alliance is elected to government. Neither the leader of the Labor Party nor the leader of the Greens could be contacted for comment as they are both currently attending a “Basic Electricity for Dummies” course at a Canberra college.

— D.N. O’Brien reporting for Satirist M I

The 8 minute charge (according to Bill)