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A Sonnet for ScoMo

G’day mate, I’m Scott Morrison ya know!
I’m as fair dinkum as a wallaby!
Like good ol’ Clancy of the Overflow,
I’ll boil ya up a billycan of tea!
I’ve lots of stuff that you can have for free!
Although I do admit I can’t match Bill
The Labor leader’s generosity;
But I’m not raisin’ taxes like that dill!
Him and his cobbers they’ll just raid the till!
No! True blue blokes like me don’t tell no lies!
So don’t go suckin’ on that Labor swill!
I’ll swat those mongrels as if they were flies!
So don’t forget, vote Liberal Party mate!
I’m ScoMo, and I’ll make Australia great!

— D.N. O’Brien