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Bully for Bullies

For bullies I’m making a stand.
I’m drawing a line in the sand.
You say you detest me?
That you will arrest me?
Hey bully! Let go of my hand!

So how is a bully defined?
Aggressive no doubt, and unkind.
Brash, rude, overbearing,
Callous, and uncaring?
(What if it is all in one’s mind?)

Bullies are as old as the hills.
The strong, would once weaken their wills —
Would hit bullies back;
Their egos attack.
Now bullies are neutered with pills.

Ban bullies? A wish badly aimed,
Advanced by the mentally lamed.
At first they will name him;
They think that will shame him?
He’ll simply pretend to be tamed.

They serve a societal role,
Though victimizing is their goal.
They’re a weight to be borne.
They deserve all our scorn;
But their pestering strengthens the soul.

— D.N. O’Brien