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Trump Success Syndrome

Disaster! – for everything’s going so well!
And things could get better! Who knows! Who can tell!
Oh what would we give for a financial smash!
And for the stock market to stumble then crash!
For Korean peace talks to end in a mess;
There’s too much improvement – far too much success!
Trump’s kicked our Iranian friends in the nuts;
Told them to get lost! – how we hate Donald’s guts!
Sure, he gets along with that Netanyahu –
What would you expect? (we suspect Trump’s a Jew)
He’s moving our embassy, there in Israel,
To Jerusalem – and we’re hoping he’ll fail
At everything. At his proposed wall we wail –
For poor Mexicans we will go in to bat;
Their children will no doubt all vote Democrat.
Yes Trump’s a catastrophe – he never quits;
He’s driving us Democrats out of our wits.
If he keeps succeeding please pity our fate;
Here’s hoping the U.S. will never be great!