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“Politicians? – How can we respect them?
Of dishonesty we all suspect them.”
But you get, I’d observe,
Rulers that you deserve,
For it’s you and your like who elect them.

“The Muslims have fallen behind
Due to Islam – their thoughts are confined.”
No, I think you are wrong,
Were their intellects strong,
Towards Islam they’d not be inclined.

“Let’s ban sugar for it makes them fat!”
The self-satisfied socialist spat.
No the fat’s just a sign
Of their lives in decline.
Though it’s sad, sugar didn’t cause that.

“I’m unlucky!” the poor loser wailed.
“By bad luck I’m forever assailed!”
But as losing’s his aim
He will lose every game –
No – bad luck is not why he has failed.

“It’s my sixth and its dad’s gone away.
All these men, I just have to obey!
So it’s not due to me!”
Your bank statements….I see….
You have babies because babies pay.