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Without a complaint and without a delay
They’ve published my postmodern poem called “A”.
I got the great news from the postman today –
They’re simply adoring my poem called “A”.
It’s daring, progressive, insightful they say;
A poetry gem is my masterpiece “A”.
A singular capital letter essay;
You’ll love it to pieces – to use a cliché.
They say for more poems they’re willing to pay,
So since I’ve composed this magnificent “A”,
I’ll harness my brainpower and try hard and see
If I can compose a new classic called “B”.

I promised to write a new poem called “B”;
It turned out quite perfect, I hope you’ll agree.
It’s much like my “A” for it’s just one removed;
Its shape is more rounded so somewhat improved,
And clearly recited, read softly or sung,
However you say it, it rolls off the tongue.
Of course formal poets will pick it to pieces –
Say such innovation, the art’s worth decreases,
But I take no notice of dinosaur turds;
They’re stuck in the past – they are still writing words.
Post modernists surely will drown it in praise;
It sums up vers libre in so many ways.
They’ll say that this poem will add to my fame,
And 24 more will establish my name.