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Renewables are all the rage!
We live in a misinformed age.

They know that the answer is coal,
So painting it black is their goal.

On sun and wind, power giants grow fat.
The government’s blind as a bat.

As wind turbines rise on the hills,
So rise electricity bills.

We’ve panels all over our roof!
That’s wise? Give me scientific proof.

Our houses, they now power the nation!
Much better, a central power station.

The experts inform all the dolts,
Though ignorant of amps and volts.

The dolts think the experts are wise,
They’re salesmen you fools – in disguise.

The towers on the hills stand in rows.
The blades rotate – when the wind blows.

The sun shines and on comes the light.
We sit in the dark through the night.

Our battery lasts for an hour!
To Tesla, surrender your power.

And batteries, one day will fail.
We’re saved for now – here comes a gale!

It’s cloudy and still as can be.
I can’t boil the kettle for tea.

The rich install panels – the poor,
Pay much more than they did before.

You live in the past – you are sour.
When we had reliable power.

But solar and wind – they are best!
They’re subsidized – give it a rest!