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Oh you really must! You oughta
See the flick “The Shape of Water”.
How the creepy creature sought her –
What he did when he had caught her.

It’s about a Spanish cleaner –
How some crap happened between her
And the creature. (and his wiener.)
(Hard to tell which one was keener.)

There are Russians; there are white guys.
There’s a bathtub of the right size.
There’s some action in the night guys.
(It’s a pretty awful sight guys.)

She is dumb – she uses signing.
In the tub she is reclining.
On her cat the creature’s dining.
For his river home he’s pining.

She’s refrained from masturbating,
As the fish the cleaner’s dating,
Her libido he is sating.
(It’s the weirdest kind of mating.)

For she likes a fish to poke her,
And she says this creature joker
Is a formidable stoker.
(He prefers at first to soak her.)

But I think the plot is fishy,
For the cleaner she ain’t dishy,
And the creature he is wishy
Washy, and he’s kinda squishy.

All the white guys want to kill him.
Yeah the Russians want to drill him.
With hot lead they want to fill him.
(As for me – well I would grill him.)

She’d release him – they would foil her.
But their efforts they just roil her.
Will they catch him and encoil her?
Don’t ask me – this ain’t a spoiler.