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{In the interest of a peaceable, compliant, and docile society, certain word associations are now banned – the following groups of words may no longer be used in the same sentence}

Muslims, kill, Israeli, Jews.
Fake, main-stream, corrupted, news.
Straight, white, normal, male, okay.
Liberal, snowflake, queer, bent, gay.
Stalin, Gulag, murderer.
Barack, liar, Obama, cur.
Merkel, stupid, cow, old, bitch.
Sneaky, Hillary, bad, rich.
President, achiever, Trump.
Dozy, dopey, Forrest, gump.
Lying, scheming, Democrat.
Porker, chubby, ugly, fat.
Loser, Clinton, bitter, sore.
Crooked, climate, change, Al, gore.

(Please stay tuned, there will be more.)