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I’m off to South Australia
Where the windmills sometimes turn,
But sometimes not, and then
It’s tons of diesel that they burn.
Where power is now the dearest
In the Western world by far,
And you’d better drive a Prius
If you want to drive a car.
Where on a windless, cloudy day
The lights will often fail.
Then South Australians pray for
Sunny weather and a gale.
Yes, Adelaide I’m coming!
Shining beacon of the arts,
Where sit the politicians
Putting horses behind carts.
They’re banning nuclear and coal;
They’d love to phase out oil,
Despite the fact the trains won’t run
And water jugs won’t boil.
But politicians are all fools;
Each one a dangerous pest,
And they won’t change, so I’ll conclude
With just this one request:
Please keep the lights on for that week –
The week that I’ll be there,
Then should you choose a darker state,
South Aussie – I don’t care.

South Australia blackouts