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The world is flat, that’s clear to all,
Though some whose reasoning’s unsound
Persistently insist it’s round,
Just like a rather large golf ball.

These skeptics, proven science deny.
They say flat-earthers wish to scare
And of such scammers to beware –
That so called experts tell a lie.

But all good scientists say it’s true,
And we must harken to their cant,
And those who say that proof is scant,
Well they are just a rebel few.

The models say the world is flat
So at these round-earthers we scoff
For were it round we’d all fall off
And that should be the end of that!

And while it’s clear to you and me
That flat-earth theory always rules,
Perhaps these poor misguided fools
May all have eyes but cannot see

That it is proven –  let’s agree:
The Earth is flat as is the ground;
Upon a turtle’s back it’s found
And not upon a giant golf tee.