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No wonder schools are closed today:
Low roll the clouds – a ghastly grey,
And lightning flashes ‘cross the sky;
To safety all winged creatures fly.
The weather has gone quite insane.
Now from the heavens driving rain
Falls heavily in silver sheets;
Like thunder on the roof it beats.
One senses danger in one’s blood,
As rivers rise in foaming flood,
And waves, the whining north wind whips
As sailors cry from sinking ships.
No wonder schools are closed today;
The children are all locked away.

{Thought an explanation of my recent posts might be in order – A cyclone has recently come down the coast. (as they do here from time to time) It caused some damage and flooding further north but by the time it got to the south-east of the state it had degenerated into a rain depression. Sure there were some heavy falls (badly needed by the way) but nothing exceptional, and only minor river flooding and the usual flash-flooding of low-lying areas, particularly in Brisbane. The media and the state government of course have had a fit of hysterics and the government (with co-operation from big business) has practically closed everything down – schools, government departments – you name it – because of a bit of rain. Meanwhile today is a beautiful fine day – but the schools and most other things are closed – madness!}