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What is it – a bird or a plane?
It’s moving so fast – it’s insane!
My God – it’s a man
With a permanent tan,
Quite small hands, and a long flowing mane!

It’s hither and thither he flies!
He’s punching out all the bad guys!
He fights waste and greed
As he signs at light speed,
The decrees realistic and wise.

But look! It’s the forces of PRESS!
They wish to destroy him – no less!
The despicable turds;
They are firing off words!
Oh no! He’s been hit! What a mess!

But see! He is back in the fight!
(Luckily, PRESS don’t have Kryptonite)
The hero was feigning,
Now blows he is raining,
And PRESS soon succumbs to his might.

And the people surround him and cheer,
But supporters of PRESS scowl and jeer.
They protest in the streets
And belittle his feats;
Spread their message of loathing and fear.

For the hero is stalwart and strong;
He is masculine – that’s clearly wrong.
He’s an action man – bad.
They are shattered and……sad.
It’s for softness and weakness they long.