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Mr. Chamberlain says he’s delighted.
Herr Hitler himself has been knighted.
He’ll stop his advance
And give peace a chance.
(A flock of winged pigs has been sighted)

There’s joy in the streets of Berlin.
(Though some think the deal is a sin)
At Poland he’ll stop.
(Churchill – what a sop!)
All the papers declare a “Win – Win.”

The Nazis, hey, they aren’t so bad!
It’s only a Teutonic fad.
All this talk of deceit?
Show us something concrete.
Oh…the Jews? – yes that is rather sad.

Good Sir Adolf – we know he’ll comply.
He is really a reasonable guy.
And the Slovaks and Czechs,
(Although they’re nervous wrecks)
They will see we were right – by and by.

It is hardly a crime to give ground,
When goodwill on both sides, it is sound.
The triumphant Third Reich? –
In some ways we’re alike!
Now, by mutual ties, we are bound.