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A conservative argues his case
To a liberal – straight to her face.
He says awful things
UnPC, and it stings.
The liberal sprays him with mace.

The comic on stage makes a joke.
Insensitive – just to provoke.
The females who watch
They kick him in the crotch –
So empowering to bash up a bloke.

Three liberals walked into a bar.
Three liberals walked into a bar.
The six ordered wine
And soon there were nine –
Three liberals walked into a bar.

This one, it is side-splitting funny.
A capitalist lost his money,
And then lost his house;
Disappointed, his spouse
Said: “I’m sorry, I’m leaving you honey.”

And now we’ll poke fun at Michelle –
She’s beautiful, she’s Barack’s belle,
Amazing and caring,
We love what she’s wearing.
Just harmless jibes – hope she can tell.

A Scotsman drove in from afar.
The Scotsman went into a bar.
He ordered a scotch,
Drank it – looked at his watch.
The Scotsman drove home in his car.