Fatima, the dark veiled cutie,
Was renowned for wit and beauty.
All the women they assured me:
Fatima they said adored me.
I was chosen for to wed her.
I admit I longed to bed her,
Though I’d only ever seen her
Eyes, her toes, no in between. Her
Other parts I didn’t know – her
Bits above and down below, her
Chest, her thighs, I could not see her
Feet, her ankles, calves, her knee. Her
Body covered by her Burqa
Meant that underneath may lurk a
Few surprises. I got worried,
But the wedding it was hurried.
On the wedding night she shed her
Burqa, when I saw I fled her
Bed, for not at all delightful
Was her body, nor her spiteful
Ugly face, and I’m still running.
(And her dad for me is gunning).