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One couldn’t make this up – I’m sure –
This Middle Eastern wacky war,
As ISIS like a blood stain spreads
And in its wake leaves heaps of heads
In Libya and in the Levant.
As in The West the liberals chant:
“Lone wolves, they are, who’d do us harm.
They’ve no connection to Islam.”
The Russians smile and lift the ban
On missiles for their friend Iran.
Iraqis from the fighting fly,
While Christians and Yazidis die.
The Turks don’t even try to hide
Support for this new genocide.
The U.S. doesn’t seem to care
(It’s way way way way over there)
Iran to Yemen sends its ships.
Obama swivels his snake hips.
His faulty strokes he has to stop;
No more hard hitting from the top –
Sliced balls! – it’s for straight shots he yearns.
The Fertile Crescent bakes and burns