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With safety the concern today
These parting words now many say.
The liberal trendies think it’s fine
To farewell, after cheese and wine,
Their colleagues with this fond adieu,
But really, have they thought it through?
Does saying “Stay safe” to a friend
Alter his fate? – delay his end?
Its undertones are negative;
You seem to doubt that he may live
Much longer in this direful place.
He’ll wonder can he really face
Another day of fear and terror –
Could he make a fatal error?
An accident – a broken neck?
He’ll turn into a nervous wreck.
Saying “Stay safe” to someone
May make them go and buy a gun
And shoot at shadows – no, it’s best
To leave “Stay safe” to all the rest.
For what it’s worth here’s my two cents:
(I think they make a lot more sense)
Say “See you later” – positive –
Assumes the farewelled one will live.
“Goodbye” contains no hint of gloom –
No warning of impending doom.