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A fat heterosexual man is known as a “Big Handsome Man”, in counterpart to a “ Big Beautiful Woman”. Like gay men, BHMs have sexualized their difference and receive validation of this identity from BBWs or from straight women known as “Female Fat Admirers” – extract from Wikipedia.


I’m a man and I’m handsome and big.
For your satire I don’t give a fig.
If your limericks don’t cease
(Claiming we are obese)
I will snap off your arm like a twig.


How dare you insinuate that!
That we beautiful women are fat.
To your dastardly fate
I would lend all my weight.
(As an elephant squashes a rat)


Of your loathsome low limericks I tire,
For fat people I deeply admire.
The fatter the better;
To conclude my letter –
Go sink in a stinking quagmire!