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I promise – no more arse (or ass) limericks
after these ones…well not for a while.

Cause and Effect

You want me to stop being crude?
My limericks – distasteful and rude?
When Kim stops exposing
Then I’ll stop composing;
Tell her! She’s the one in the nude.

Wide Load

Making cash? There are many more ways
When you have a big ass – it sure pays
For that luxury dwelling
Some film star’s selling.
(Plus widening of the doorways).

Rump Slump

Oh why, may I ask, do you peer,
At that woman’s magnificent rear?
Says he: ”Though her booty
Now adds to her beauty,
It’s gravity, sir, that I fear”.


The world has turned into a farce.
Once talent and brains were a pass
To a chance at some fame,
Now in this crazy game
All depends on the size of one’s arse.

Dismayed Dragons

The feminists are getting snooty
With Kim – she’s been baring her booty.
They want an expression
Of female repression,
Not buns of a well endowed cutie.

Stern Warnings

The feminists think she’s a traitor.
She’s showing her buttocks – they hate her.
They’re flapping their gums:
“Sisters – cover your bums!”
Most fellows would just like to date her.