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Toad Abode

Summer’s nearly here
Black tadpoles in the shallows
Cane toads multiply


Let’s Go Clubbing

Cane toads under foot
Toads in shoes, in pool, on lawn
Break out the golf clubs


Teed Up

Toad on a toad stool
Sportsman selects his driver
Suited to a tee


Calculating on the Hop

One fifty to hole
It’s a medium sized toad
Seven or eight iron?


Amphibian Ace

Keep eye on the toad
Now take a nice relaxed swing
A toad in the hole!


Super Toad!

Oh well struck my friend!
A great drive down the fairway
Who said toads can’t fly?


Toads Get Message

Caution, cane toad plague
Bloody toads are ev’rywhere
Except golf courses



Green frogs protected
Toads are exterminated
Easy being green


Hobson’s choice

Hit with club or freeze?
Killing methods debated
Cold blooded murder


Skin Deep

Green frogs are pretty
Brown warty toads are ugly


Desperate Measures

Green paint gone missing
Rumours of a cover up
Cane toads suspected


False Frogs

Green frogs ev’rywhere
While cane toads have disappeared
Paint stripper needed


Play On!

Toads allege cruelty
Substituted for golf balls
Nothing proven…… Fore!


Suspicious Death

Cane toad murder case
A golfer is arrested
Witness croaks, case dropped


Good News and Bad News

Toads declared useful
Cane toads briefly celebrate
Buy toad skin handbags!