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(For that nong Russell Brand (who apparently hasn’t heard of the Soviet Union and most certainly hasn’t read “The Gulag Archipelago”) – and who I’m sure makes massive profits himself)

Let’s think about what profit is
Before we get into a tizz.
For profit’s now a dirty word,
So loss is good? – No! that’s absurd.
A profit is what has been made
When all expenses have been paid.
From ripened harvest that you reap –
The precious grain you get to keep.
The cash that goes into your bank
For that, it’s profit you must thank.
For profit funds our way of life,
While hand in hand with loss comes strife.
But when one makes a healthy gain
From critics comes a loud refrain
Of: “Profiteers!” and “Rogues!” and “Greed!”
And all the media take heed,
But when the news is of a loss
Then all are quiet – none gives a toss.
Yet profits small mean times are bad
While profits large make sane men glad,
For surplus can be put in store
For those lean years when gains are poor.
Remember that the food you eat,
Your clothes, the shoes upon your feet,
Your shelter and the car you drive
And all that’s needed to survive,
From profits made come all these things,
While loss – but misery it brings.

So Russell’s a socialist is he?