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On my word I will never speak ill of the dead,
No, not even the ones who were bad.
I would rather say nothing or praise them instead,
Though I may have to lie just a tad.

No, I won’t knock old Adolf or vilify Stalin,
For they weren’t all bad I suppose,
It’s said Adolf loved dogs so there’s no point in snarlin’,
Although he did tread on some toes.

And while Adolf and Stalin were both homicidal;
With blood both were stained rather red,
I will say that they meant well and never were idle.
I’ll never speak ill of the dead.

All those murdering despots, I never will curse
For although they were terrible knaves,
Like Attila and Sadam, Osama and worse
They are safe now deep down in their graves.

While alive I’ll condemn them, let pour out my hate,
But deceased, not a word will be said.
For no way I’ll berate, whether evil or great;
No, I’ll never speak ill of the dead.