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Seductive and sweet was her smile,
This beautiful nymph of the Nile.
She loved an old geezer
Called Julius Caesar,
And they had a fling for a while.

It happened when on their first date,
Old Julius just couldn’t wait.
Her good looks sent him wild,
Soon the Queen was with child;
She and Caesar we’re now tempting fate.

Back in Rome all the senators said:
Who’s this hussy he’s taken to bed?
What about his poor wife?
Where’s my toga and knife!
Julius Caesar was losing his cred.

On the steps of the Forum he died.
“You too Brutus?” poor Julius cried.
Her protector was dead.
The Egyptian Queen fled.
Cleo went back to Egypt to hide.

But was soon with another she lay.
Soon again in the family way,
And Mark Antony thought,
What a prize he had caught;
With his life would Antonius pay.

She and Antony, merging their might,
To Octavian carried the fight,
But they yielded to Rome
And it’s writ in the tome,
That her life ended with an asp’s bite.