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The juggernaut rolls on – it can’t be stopped.
Just like a lead balloon – it can’t be popped.
Each moment of each hour it gathers speed.
Its engine’s made of gold – its fuel is greed.
The dining car is fitted with a trough
Where first class passengers are heard to scoff
(While burying their snouts up to their ears)
At those who still refuse a slice of pie.
They say that they are fools – that they deny.
“Agree!” they say – it’s just a little lie,
As down the track the gravy train it rockets,
While passengers piss in each other’s pockets.
To corporations science has sold its soul.
To silence skepticism is the goal
Of “scientists” who can’t lie straight in bed.
The evidence is in – the theory’s dead,
But crooked politicians give their mates
More subsidies, more grants and more rebates.
Corruption wins while truth and justice fades
Beneath the tyranny of turning blades.
No care for all the sickness and the harm;
Another day, another ruined farm.
The truth will out, it’s waiting round the bend.
The juggernaut will meet a sticky end.

Wind Farm Protest Site