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Photo © Barbara Blakey Photography

A microbe swimming in the sea
Morphed suddenly into a flea.
It swam to shore but nearly drowned
Before collapsing on dry ground,
And when it was quite warm and dry
It transformed to a dragonfly.
The dragonfly thought this absurd
And turned into a tiny bird,
Of length just barely half an inch
But in a blink it was a finch
That quickly changed into a hawk
That instantly became a stork,
Replaced in seconds by an eagle
Soaring high and rather regal,
But quite soon the eagle changed,
With its tail feathers rearranged
Into a lovely work of art,
Relecting not, its humble start.
And so did all the changes cease,
For there displayed – the masterpiece:
‘Twas evolution on steroids;
Formed in a flash – The King of Boids.

Poem © Dennis N. O’Brien, 2013