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We’re good at making holes in things
And fitting them with studs and rings.
Your eyebrows, cheeks and through your ear;
We’ll pierce your nose, let’s make it clear:
We’ll punch your bits so full of holes
You’ll think you’ve been attacked by moles.
Those things that sit upon your chest
With diamond barbells look their best.
A golden ring goes through your nose.
A golden stud through your tongue goes.
Your belly button gets a pin
And lips must wear a golden grin,
So for gold spikes the holes we’ll punch.
(You’ll have some trouble eating lunch)
But we advise to please take care,
Although mistakes are very rare,
That things can get a little weird
(Note: of all charges we were cleared)
When in our wild exuberance
We pierce each bare protuberance.

Copyright © Dennis N. O’Brien, 2012