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There’s much ado about the Arab Spring.
It has about it such a pleasant ring.
We in the West can really feel exalted
By how the Arab countries have revolted.
But lately I must say I’ve been observing
Developments that really are disturbing,
For Muslim fundamentalists are grinning,
As at the ballot boxes they are winning.
Now revolutionaries are depressed,
They fear the rights they’ve won will be suppressed,
For victory over tyrants quickly pales,
For women forced to hide behind their veils.
And from the past we know the lessons clear,
That those who don’t conform will live in fear,
For there at fundamentalism’s core,
Among the shadows hides – Sharia Law.
The end result’s too early yet too call,
But let us hope the Spring is not the Fall.

Copyright © Dennis N. O’Brien, 2012