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The modern world is a perilous place;
Wherever we look there is danger to face.
We attend safety meetings, wear fluorescent clothes;
We stand out like beacons and frighten the crows.
We can’t climb up ladders if they are too high,
For we are so fragile we may fall and die.
And children are treated like they’re prone to break;
Their playgrounds are gutted for their safety’s sake.
The monkey bars, swings, and the wooden seesaw,
We’re told are as deadly as weapons of war,
While danger is lurking just over the hill:
A pervert or psycho just waiting to kill.
And on the TV we are constantly told,
No chances to take, if we wish to grow old.
In flood times we’re warned to keep clear of the drains
As if we are babies without any brains.
Parades of do-gooders preach on the TV,
About all the dangers they everywhere see.
So suddenly new safety laws are enacted
And lost liberty is the price that’s exacted.
These measures, we’re told, are to stop litigation;
A disease that was once very rare in our nation,
But, if this is true, and if this is the cause,
Would surely be better to limit the laws;
Put brakes on the lawyers; (my – how they would curse)
Stop ambulance chasers who fatten their purse.
But most politicians, you see, practice law,
So tend, in this argument, to see a flaw.
But how much of this nanny state can we take,
Before those who still have a brain start to wake
Up to the fact that this stuff is designed,
To deaden your spirit and weaken your mind.
With clever persuasion and media compliance
They’ll gradually, wear down, your own self reliance,
Until you become but a dependant drone,
Til even your soul – even that will they own.