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The Faithful V the Agnostic…

If you’re without knowledge then what do you know?
for each day that goes by in my faith I grow.
I know that I don’t know the answer you see,
and there, you have said it – that faith is the key.

But faith is my centre, my being, my core,
I have ancient scripture – have no need of more.
Your scripture you see, is blind dogma to me
Your priests and your elders they rule by decree.

Authority, it comes from heaven above,
it’s written, our saviour, he died for our love.
Believe in an old book? there’s no way I can,
for I think your saviour was just a good man.

It seems that to differ we must both agree,
though faith is the answer – It would set you free.
No – logic’s my God, I’ll not worship a wraith,
for my mind is free of the chains that are faith.

© Dennis N. O’Brien, 2011