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They are deadly they are dangerous and why do people want them.
Why, they must be crazy rednecks I would say.
And they kill hundreds of people every year it’s such a problem,
Ownership is just too high a price to pay.

We must ban these things and take them from the people who don’t need them,
We must vilify the ones who say they do.
And the owning of these weapons by the masses we must stem;
Any who think otherwise, we must eschew.

Yes it’s time that we restricted owning such deadly devices
To police and to the agencies of law.
For we’re here to cure the people of their democratic vices
and possession of such things is at the core.

And to those who say that this is an attack upon their freedom;
Why you’re really anti social and extreme.
We elite know what is good for you – we are the source of wisdom;
Everyone must now bow down to the Regime.

Now there’ll be a time of amnesty when you can bring them in,
Without fear and with a minimum of force.
And then once your motorbike is cut up and put in the bin,
We suggest you go and buy yourself a horse.

Copyright © Dennis n. O’Brien, 2011