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Just as a ship sets sail and leaves her berth,
Her goal a port across the sea,
A new life starts a voyage from its birth,
No knowledge of its fate to be.

Smooth sailing rarely is the course of life,
For storm and tempest all will see;
The course of men’s lives mixed of joy and strife,
In different measures though they be.

The chart of life a voyage by time drawn;
It inches on as days they pass.
The waves that break upon the reef at dawn,
The wary see with eye to glass.

There shoals exposed, as waves foam into spray
And siren’s voices tempt one on
To rocks, where wrecks of souls bemoan the day
They ventured close to ground thereon.

While some who founder, by bad luck are cursed,
Some careless to destruction sail.
The former despite care and thought submersed,
The later by their own hand fail.

The goal of life: To reach the port and rest
With sweet adventure on the way;
To navigate life’s ocean depths and test
One’s will, the charted course to stay.

Copyright © Dennis N. O’Brien, 2011